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Assembly & Automation

RanlyDesign: A unified team of engineers that are highly-skilled, and experienced  for custom assembly and test equipment. Our innovative solutions address the challenges our customers face in today’s dynamic global manufacturing environment. The goal of RanlyDesign is to provide quality equipment and elegant solutions that will help ensure the success of each customer.

  • Specialize in automated assembly and test equipment for today’s technologies.
  • Integrate with leading suppliers of robotics, motion control, and vision systems.
  • Develop new and innovative products and processes.
  • Design and build complete projects; from simple stand-alone stations to complex integrated assembly and test systems.

Recent Projects

One of our most recent projects was for a company that had to lift a heavy part out of their machine using straps before flipping it over by hand and putting it back into the machine. After meeting with them and finding out the capability of their facility we recommended a custom lift assist that would be attached to their existing overhead crane. Once built this lift assist would not only make it easier to remove the part from the machine, but it would also flip the part over for them. We started the process by making several CAD model concepts that eventually, through several personal and digital meetings with the customer, became finalized into the model shown below on the left. After customer approval of the model, we created a TDP (Technical Drawing Package) and had the prototype shown below on the right created. For this particular job, only one lift assist was needed, so after the prototype worked without any problem it became the final product. For other projects that call for large production quantities we would send the customer a quote to build production, and send them the finalized TDP so they could have the final product individually quoted.

custom lift assist that can also flip the part
Animation of the Lift and flip

Assembly & Automation Projects




Years Design Experience


Projects Completed

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Assembly & Automation

Developing innovative solutions demands the contribution of a top-notch mechanical engineering design.

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Plastic Pallets

Increase safety and save space by replacing old wood pallets with plastic alternatives.

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