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Local Festival Cart

If you have a customized cart or trailer idea and you want to make it come to life. You have come to the right place. Let us know your needs and we will put our team to the test.

Here at Ranly Design, we do more than just manufacturing design. We work with our customers to help them solve their problem, which is how we ended up designing and building a cart to be used in a local festival. It started with someone from the festival telling us about how they had to build large wood structures with heavy roofs every year for the festival to hold the grills and fryers outside of the tents. There were three major design factors that we had to keep in mind with this project. (1) The cart had to be transportable so it could easily be moved to and from storage each year. (2) The cart needed to stay low enough that it could easily be entered by the street while it sat up on the curb. (3) Lastly, the roof had to be lightweight and easy to adjust. The low deck and transportability quickly became the hardest aspects of the design to work around because getting the deck low enough to be easily entered meant there was almost no clearance available to add wheels to the cart. This was eventually solved by extending the deck of the cart out over the curb and into the street so that the tires would always be at street level. While this did take a while to incorporate the deck height was only one of the many key features in the final product.

The final design of the cart accommodated all the necessary design factors and included many additional key features that made it more practical and easy to use. These included:

  • A Slide-in hitch for reduced trip hazards and easy storage.
  • Four leveling jacks to ensure the cart was level and secure during its use.
  • Lightweight Aluminum roof with multiple angled and flat positions.
  • Removable tarp hooks to hang tarps when raining.
  • Removable rain gutter to redirect rainwater on the walk-in side of the cart.
  • Openings at deck level for easy spray down cleaning and ventilation.

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