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Plastic Pallets

We are happy to announce that we will be adding plastic pallets to the list of services we can provide. While nothing matches a steel rack for durability, plastic pallets provide a nice alternative. They have a lifetime of over 10 years keeping your supply chain loop closed, and if you ship internationally there is no additional treatment necessary. Additional benefits are listed below, and more information will appear on our website once everything is finalized.

  • Lightweight: Since plastic pallets are more lightweight than steel or wood shipping cost will be lower
  • Safer Handling: Due to them being made entirely of plastic there are no fasteners like nails that can stick out and hurt employees.
  • Space Saving: The nesting designs offered allow for large space saving when the pallets aren’t in use and a large cost savings on return shipments.
  • Weather Resistant: Plastic pallets are not effected by moisture and will not warp. In addition they are also resistant to several chemicals.
  • Uniform: Due to the processes used to create plastic pallets they come out very uniform, making them ideal for automated systems.
  • Environmentally friendly: Our plastic pallets are created using recycled materials, and can be recycled again once they break or wear out.
  • Rackable: Some plastic pallets can be integrated into our custom designed steel racks for greater ease of access.
  • Customizable: These pallets can be customized as simply as adding your company name into the mold, or adding features to hold specific parts.
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