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Returnable Containers

Work with our experienced engineers to create the custom rack that fits your needs

Our design team works directly with our customers, partnering with them for total in-house logistics management. Bring us your models or parts or just tell our designers what you need and we’ll work together to design and create a comprehensive solution. We specialize in quick design turn-a-round and time proven designs. We use a variety of dunnage inserts to protect the valuable parts or assemblies shipped in our shipping containers. Common dunnage used in our shipping containers are made from a heavy-duty fabric material, CNC cut HDPE, Vacummed formed plastics, water jet cut foams molded polyurethane or other materials. custom-designs, cost-effective container systems

Our returnable steel rack systems are the definition of custom. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and functions custom fabricated to meet your exact needs. Used in conjunction with our custom-designed foam, plastic, and textile dunnage, we have the ability to get your most sensitive parts safely from point A to point B.

Collapsible Containers

Collapsible steel containers for reusable systems are an appreciated form of packaging that can be customized to fulfill the customers needs. Save money on your returned collapsible containers with a 2:1 Return ratio.

Steel Shipping Racks

Steel racks have a long lifetime and their strength protects the products from impacts and rough handling. The design can be fully customized to provide optimal handling on the production line.  For use internally as process racks or for external shipping, steel racks can be made collapsible to minimize freight costs and maximize floor space.  We take all aspects into account including lift assists, line-side presentation and rack footprint to cube out trailers to maximize part density and save freight cost.

What you will Receive

When each returnable container project is complete our engineers create a TDP (Technical Data Package) that is electronically delivered to the final customer. This TDP will include at a minimum: a complete set of prints in PDF form, a dxf file for each page that includes detailed parts, a 3D PDF of the rack with parts in it, and a final model in the form of a step file. This TDP will also include any shock analysis that may have been needed for shelving, and any verification that was performed on possible prototypes created during the process. Additional files and file types can be provided upon request as well.

Folding Bin Project Improvements

We specialize in designing containers to fit specific customer parts, and are always working to improve our designs. The improved bin below is a great example of this.

The covered sides and lid of the old bin may have kept whatever was being stored within protected and secured within it, but the lid design forced the bin height to be at least half of the bin width. Our new design eliminates this restriction while making the lid easier to handle. With the increased ease of use and weight management, we were also able to make the lid more durable, so objects accidentally set on the lid are less likely to puncture through or deform it. The interior of the bin has remained the same and still provides the option to add anchor points to better secure specific parts.

The sides of the bin remain removable to help eliminate ergonomic issues while removing the contents of the bin, normally caused by reaching over a ridged side. While in place however the sides on this new design are also used to guide the lid into its locked position and its pivot position where it can be lifted up and opened fully.

The best part of this entire bin is still how much money it can save on return shipments. Due to our folding design, the bin is only about 11 inches tall when collapsed. This means that when the bin is empty for return shipment they can stack up to 9 tall in a truck. This could cause an up to 4.5 times higher truck density depending on the unfolded rack height that the customer requires. Anyone that is interested in more specific numbers or wants to see a full break down video is encouraged to call our office or email us using the request a quote option at the top of the page.

Collapsible Bin Opening
Collapsible Bin Side Removal
Collapsible Bin Opening

Additional Returnable Containers, & Stacking Racks




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Returnable Containers

Work with our experienced engineers to create the custom rack that fits your needs.

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