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Tool & Die

The foundation for creating superior stamping dies begins with the development of a tool that is designed to produce parts with maximum productivity. Our team of design & engineering professionals is highly proficient craftsmen that have been trained in advanced techniques to create the best tool designs for our customer’s application.  No die design would be complete without the inclusion of input from our valued customers. Customer contribution is key in all phases of the tooling process from concept to strip layout to first piece production.

To enhance the skills of our design & engineering team we have incorporated the latest in Solid Edge and Inventor software to assist in the development, modeling, and layout process to ensure the forming simulations will be achievable in the die as designed.  Our experienced design staff can assist with reverse engineering on parts for projects where you may have a sample and no drawing or poor drawings to work from.

In purchasing a typical tool design package from Ranly Design a customer will receive:

  • Part progression/Station Layout drawing showing preliminary dimensions for each station
  • Individual forming station layouts showing operator setup dimensions
  • 3D models & drawings produced using the most current version of Solid Edge/Inventor solid modeling software
  • Forming & Blanking loads calculations
  • Individual tool drawings and BOM for perishable items
  • Tool numbering system provided if none furnished by the customer
  • Complete tooling build, debug, troubleshoot & runoff
  • Update of any tool drawings changed at end of part development
  • Ongoing drawing changes available at additional charge
  • Ranly Design drawing files provided upon completion of part development.
    Choices include: AutoCAD DWG, PDF, IGES, and STEP format
  • Part development, trials for support on-site can be provided at an additional charge

Each design backed by decades of tool design, tool manufacturing and part development knowledge

In addition to our tooling designs we also have on site stamping capabilities.  Whether you need prototypes parts or production runs we have the right solution.  The press is a 600 ton British Clearing mechanical press with a 72” X 106” bed and has a 21” minimum shut height with 15 inches of slide adjust for a maximum shut height of 36”. This press is also equipped with a coil feeder with the ability to feed coil up to 42″ wide.

What we can do for our customers:

  • Tooling Debug & Troubleshooting
  • Die Tryout and Run Off
  • Prototype Samples
  • Production Runs

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Tool & Die

The foundation for creating superior stamping dies begins with the development of a tool that is designed to produce parts with maximum productivity.

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