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Interactive PDF’s

In today’s marketplace the timing required to move from concept to production has been drastically decreased. At Ranly Design one of the tools we use to combat this is interactive pdf’s. With this there is no need for a customer to have or know a certain cad system. They can open any 3D model by simply using adobe software that most people are already familiar with.  It allows you to zoom, rotate, pan, and turn parts on an off.  Just as you would in a traditional cad software. This allows us to quickly throw a concept together, send off to the customer for internal review, and get final approval much quicker than a formal face to face design review.  It also allows the customer to see the design in much greater detail than looking at traditional 2D prints. To try it for yourself you must download the file onto your computer

Depending on your browser settings one of two things could happen after you click on the image below.

  1. The pdf downloads directly to the computer.
    • Great! This is what we want it to do.
  2. The pdf opens in your web browser.
    • This is the most likely outcome. If this happens click the download or save button (most likely in the upper right hand corner) and download the file to your computer.

Now that the pdf is downloaded onto your computer open it in Adobe Acrobat. If you do not have Acrobat it is a free program that can be downloaded here. Once it is open there are two ways to proceed.

  1. Temperately enable 3D content.
    • To do this you must click on the yellow ribbon across the top of the document and chose the trust this document option.
  2. Permanently enable 3D content by changing the application options.
    • Go to the edit tab in the upper left hand corner and choose preferences. (Ctrl+K)
    • Choose 3D & Multimedia in the list on the left
    • Check the “Enable playing of 3D content” box at the top, and close the settings dialog box.
    • You should now be able to view and rotate the model by clicking and dragging. If not try closing and reopening the program.

Interactive PDF Example

Curved Glass rack




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